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4 years 9 months ago #87

You guys had me at Proxima Centauri....

"It is useless for sheepoids to pass resolutions in favor of vegetarianism while the wolfoid remains of a different opinion."
- Mutant Sage Willy Ralph Inge
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4 years 9 months ago #88

5 -- 6.5 Luhman 16 1 Red Sun
Fort Hope Outpost
Size: 7,700 miles (4% smaller than Earth Prime)
Gravity: 1 g
Average Temperature at the Equator: 90 F
Global Terrain: Fort Hope had an unusual biosphere. All the planet's native life was very large in comparison to Earth Prime, and the flora and fauna there grew incredibly fast. Most of it was dangerous to humans. The planet was still being explored by humans at the time of the alien attack. The settlement was in a single, large dome that worked hard to keep the native plants from growing over it.
Last Known Information: The dome was a smoking mass of melted polymer when the S-ships left. The colony's network of mapping satellites was also destroyed.

Geography – Fort Hope is a world filled with exotic life forms. It’s Earth Prime size with a sprinkling of mountain ranges, lush continents, and large oceans.

History before the Fall – Before the fall the world was being explored. There was an outpost above the world, supporting ten shuttles used to go down to the planet. The aliens blew all of that apart in the invasion.

Current Planetary Status – The world has no trace of human life.

Important Creatures – On one continent there is a race of large intelligent vines that is slowing taking over the land mass. On another land mass, a stone age level of tree cats is growing a tribal civilization. There are two species of swimmers that are growing in the shoals of the world.

Important Ruins – There are enough bits and pieces of a spaceport to identify it as human. However, there are no working parts in that port.
Planetary Leaders – There are no leaders on this world. The intelligent trees are capable of organizing to confront explorers.

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4 years 7 months ago #100

6 -- 7.7 Wolf 359 11 Orange Sun

Size: 10,000 miles (25% larger than Earth Prime)
Gravity: 1 g
Average Temperature at the Equator: 133 F
Global Terrain: Perth-3 was blanketed with vegetation, from the highest mountain to the middle of the single large ocean. Many of the treelike plants were thousands of years old and hundreds of yards tall. The planet's three population centers were underground, because mankind didn’t want to spoil the ecology. The aliens didn’t think any race wanted to live underground and so didn’t fire on the three cities.
Last Known Information: The aliens blasted every aboveground power system into rubble and use gigantic, crust-busting munitions to destroy the power systems below ground. The underground cities couldn't survive without power. When the ships left, the atmosphere of the planet was ablaze.

Geography – Perth3 is a world much like Earth Prime. Half of the planet is covered in water. Most of the land is at the equator which has a temperature averaging at 130 F.

History before the Fall – Perth3 was a well settled world with a population of a billion. There was a complex satellite system as well as two space ports working above the planet. While the land was plentiful it was extremely warm. Humans had one large settlement above ground and several metropolises below ground. The aliens attacked and totally destroyed all above ground installations as well as the outposts among the other planets in the Wolf system. A racial feature of the aliens invading couldn’t even imagine living under the ground.

Current Planetary Status – The complexes underground survived. They had no means to get off the world. Their resources were unable to support the civilization level before the attack. Slowly they lost power sources and learned to work with steam to maintain their culture. They also developed a fear of attackers from the skies. Several times in the 300 years alien groups came and destroyed anything the survivors tried to start on the surface.

Important Creatures – Steam powered security systems roam around the entrances to the underground cities. There is a huge sand cat able to form rock and move almost invisibly in the deserts of the world. A tentacle creature masks itself as a floating island and works the large rivers and fresh water lakes.

Important Ruins – There is only one ruin visible from space. It has long since been stripped of metals and technology. It is now infested with blurringly quick mutated rats.

Planetary Leaders – There is a leader in each of the three underground cities. The leader of Athens is a steam powered computer that is bent on generating more intelligent machines. The leader of Epsilon city is a human with extreme paranoia about visitors from other worlds. The leader of Asgard is a pleasant female who would welcome visitors with open arms.

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4 years 7 months ago #101

7 -- 8.2 Lalande 21185 9 Orange Sun

Geography – Lalande3 was 1 ½ times larger than Earth Prime, but had the same gravity as it was a heavy-metals light world. The 1/3 of the planet has fresh water bodies of many different sizes. These waters team with aquatic life. The land areas are covered in many types of plant life. There are few animals and insects.
History before the Fall – The world was well settled by humans and the other planets of the system were being mind for resources. When the aliens came, the defenses of Lalande3 were able to do severe damage to the alien fleets. However, the aliens did breech the systems and destroy all signs of humans on the 9 worlds.

Current Planetary Status – There are no humans on the world. Two specie of aquatic life have mutated and grown very intelligent. They are currently in a war for dominance of all of the water areas of the world.

Important Creatures – There are several insects that are blurringly fast and able to suck juice out of plants or blood out of visitors. A giant Kraken tentacle creature has three different forms from larva to swimmer to tentacle giant. The most powerful humanoid creature uses energy weapons, is nine foot tall, and human-like The other species is a porpoise with mental abilities to form water into devices.

Important Ruins – There are many unexplored ruined human cities.

Planetary Leaders – Garlarm is the leader of the human-like aquatics. Get-taken is the leader of the much better organized porpoise race.

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4 years 5 months ago #111

8 -- 8.5 Sirius 19 Orange Sun
Geography – There are two Earth-like and Earth-sized worlds among the 19.

History before the Fall – This system terrified and attracted humans. The first explorers discovered the ruins of nine different alien races on the worlds of Sirius. For the first 90 years of exploration every ship attempting to land and explore those ruins was shot out of space. It was only the last five years of study that specially created ships could land on those worlds. Those explorers were blasted by alien devices on those planets. When the aliens came to destroy humans, the alien worlds blasted all of the alien fleets to dust.

Current Planetary Status – Currently there are no humans there. There is also no knowledge of how to land safely on the alien ruined planets.

Important Creatures – There is no intelligent life on any of the alien worlds.

Important Ruins – Nine different planets in the system show different atmospheres and many alien ruins.

Planetary Leaders – There are no leaders or organizations on these worlds.

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4 years 5 months ago #113

9 -- 8.7 Luyten 726-8 7 Orange Sun
Geography – Luyten4 is Earth-like with an atmosphere suitable for humans. 80% of the planet is highly mountainous. At the equator, 70 years of mining the mountains made a 600 mile square plateau for a huge human city to grow and prosper. The planet was rich in crystals highly useful in the development of A. I.s

History before the Fall – Humans made special crystal devices for all of the human space-wide civilization. The alien fleets easily destroyed the defenses of the planet. All of the humans were destroyed and the atmosphere of Luyten4 was stripped away killing all life.

Current Planetary Status – The world is lifeless and all of the outposts on the various planets are in ruins.

Important Creatures – There are no creatures in this system.

Important Ruins – The ruins on Luyten4 have been smashed to dust. Careful exploration can uncover highly advanced A. I.s

Planetary Leaders – There is no life and no leaders.

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