March 19, 2024

I was sad to hear my friend, James M. Ward, passed beyond yesterday. Jim was a very upbeat kind of guy and a good man. He will be missed. Fairwell my friend. It was a true pleasure developing games together over the years, running games at the conventions, and engaging in fun discussions of the early days I am happy we met at Gary Gygax's home during his gaming Thursdays so many years ago.

In memory of James M. Ward, We made all his games a Free PDF download this past week. The free download week has ended. We have seen over 870 downloads this week and I hope as many games will be played over the weekend and through the next few months. Enjoy the content, the remaining projects Jim had completed or contributed to will be published over the next 8 months.

Stephen A. Lee


James M. Ward Bio

James M. Ward (Game Designer)

 James M. Ward went to college to gain an education degree with majors in English and History. In 1974 he met Gary Gygax and began to turn out fantasy and science fiction product. Highlights of that work include:

  • METAMORPHOSIS ALPHA the first science fiction RPG
  • The Lost 77 Worlds science fiction apocalyptic RPG
  • GAMMA WORLD the first apocalypse RPG

He has had success with several game companies: the GREAT SHAKES CHARLIE BROWN game, TAINTED LANDS the horror rpg, OF GODS AND MONSTERS, DARK OUTPOST, DARK VISITOR, and DARK COLONY.

With his love of games and gaming he also took time to write a few novels along the way. His POOLS OF RADIANCE trilogy was on several best seller lists and translated into 6 different languages. His HALCYON BLYTHE MIDSHIP WIZARD pair of novels hit the locus best seller list and was translated into Spanish and German. He did a series of game books in the Pick-a-Path style: TIME CURE, LOST PRINCE, G. I. JOE OPERATION WEAPONS DISASTER, LIGHT ON QUEST MOUNTAIN, and THE RING, THE SWORD, AND THE UNICORN.

He has worked with several Hollywood production houses doing things like the animated cartoon G.I. JOE THE MOUNTAIN, Cap Com TOWER OF DOOM Video game, DC comics and several lines of fantasy licenses, and the HE-MAN series of Golden Books from Western Publishing.

Part of his list of honors include: Canadian Young Readers Choice Award for Midshipwizard Halcyon Blithe, Dragon Ball Z best CCG of the year, Voted into the Game Designer Hall of Fame, and the TSR $2 million plaque for personally making TSR $2 million in one year.

He’s been pleasantly married for a little over 43 years, has three grown sons, and six amazing grandchildren. He still tries to play games every week and can be talked into going to a convention or two every year.




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