Apocalyptic Space - The Lost 77 Worlds

Design by James M Ward and Stephen A. Lee

  November 2014 - 77 Worlds Basic Boxed Set

 (Updated November 2016)

The initial basic rules boxed set was released in November of 2014 as well as the full basic set in print with maps, adventure book, and accessories. Additional 77 Worlds products are slated for 2015 and 2016.

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The Egyptian Tomb Adventure Series

ET1 Palace of the Pharoah - Now shipping, this is the first in an adventure trilogy "Quest for the Pharoah's Helm"

ET2 valley of the dead - Now shipping

ET3 The Lost Pyramid - Now shipping

ET4 Beneath the Valley of the Dead - Coming Q1 2017 - Venture beneath the Resort to explore the installations of the Ancients

Arthurian Resort - Camelot Adventure Series

CA1 - Dragon Hunt - Shipping Q1 2017

CA2 - Perilous Quest - A James M. Ward Adventure - Shipping Q4 2016

Roaring 20's Resort - Old Chicago - Gangland Adventure Series

OC1 - Birthday and Tommy Guns - Q4 2016

OC2 - Werewolves and Wharf's - Q1 2017

OC3 - Little Grey Bank Job - Q2 2017

The Blasted Earth Adventure Series

BE1 - Landing Zone - Q4 2016

BE2 - Doom of the Blasted Earth - A James M. Ward Adventure - Shipping Q4 2016

BE3 - Hell is Green - Q1 2017

BE4 - This land is my land - Q2 2017

BE5 - Ancient Forest City - Q2 2017

Lunar Catacombs Adventure Series

LC01 - Lunar Catacombs

LC02 - Manufacturing Complex

LC03 - Power Source

LC04 - Lunar Research Station (LRS)

LC05 - Retro Virus

LC06 - Alien Enclave

Lunar Surface Adventure Series

LS1 - Ancient Astronauts - Q4 2016

LS2 - Moon Base of the Ancients - Q1 2017

LS3 - Athens Space Port

LS4 - Hyperion Dome Complex

LS5 - Cargo Ships (Haulers)

Near Earth Orbit (NEO) Adventure Series

NE00 - Space Station

NE01 - The Waspian Starship

NE02 - Rings of Earth

NE03 - Robot Apocalypse

NE04 - Solar Mailstrom

NE05 - Harvest the Future

NE06 - Replicants

NE07 - Far Side of the Earth

Apocalyptic Colony Worlds - 77 books planned

ACW01 Mars

ACW02 Stars End

ACW03 Wolf 359

Apocalyptic Game Supplements - 15 books in planning

ASG01 NEO Starships and Shuttles

ASG02 Androids and Robots

ASG03 Retro Virus and Mutations

ASG04 Advanced Equipment Guide

Apocalyptic Space Rules - Source Books

ASR books are designed as a standalone adventure book and can be used in traditional polyhedron dice systems (PDS) such as (OGL, D20, AD&D, GW, etc) or with the Ward Card System (WCS) as part of the lost 77 Worlds game system. Http://77worlds.com

 ASR P01 – Trouble on Pericles-4 The world is in ruin. A biological plague has ravaged the world

 ASR S01 – Relic Ship 13 - you have dropped back into real space which should not happen a quarter mile off an Alien relic ships drifts

 Anthologies and Novels

The Lunar Resort Anthology Volume 1 - Now Shipping

The Lunar Resort Anthology Volume 2 - Shipping in Q4 2016

The Apocalyptic Space Anthology Volume 1 - Now Shipping

The Blasted Earth Anthology Volume 1 - Now Shipping

The Blasted Earth Anthology Volume 2 - Shipping in Q4 2016


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