Mutazoids 3E News - January 2015 update


The hardback edition of Mutazoids 3e is now available. We have resumed operations Moses Wildermuth and Stephen Lee started with MT Enterprises. We have also released the first edition (1.1) with errata and new artwork along with the GM screen. Second Edition and the city source book will be released in 2015  along with a Mutazoids card deck, new GM screen, GW Guide, and several adventures in 2015. 


We are currently migrating content from the former Mutazoids related website(s) to our new home. All Mutazoid books including an updated players guide with corrections and addition by Wolfe, the game master guide and other various additions including a card deck will be available in the store.


The forums are now up to facilitate sharing between those who enjoy the game. FSC will be opening opportunities for those with a creative flair to publish their Mutazoids creations, adventures, and extensions through the new official store front. Contact us for more information.


The new books are full size, quality soft cover and hardbacks and are available in standard art covers, cloth and leather editions.



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