The Lost 77 Worlds is set in a time after Humanity has spread to the stars and 77 colony worlds have been established in "Human Space"....
77 Worlds is an Alien Apocalypse Campaign Setting and Science Fiction RPG




AS1 Basic Core Rules    AS2 Adventure


Picking up this Basic Set is the first step in having the great fun of doing all of those adventures. APOCOLYPTIC SPACE is a role-playing game with lots of differences. Players use a deck of cards to enhance their role-playing experience. The draw of a heart strikes your enemy. Drawing a diamond allows you to figure out a complex ancient device. A high club allows you to do feats of dexterity. A spade draw defends you from damage in combat.

The Basic Set teaches you how to generate a character. Then characters adventure and gain ranks and abilities as they move from dome to dome. Eventually, they discover the means to leave the moon and explore blasted Earth Prime.


The following are FREE PDF updates to the Core Rules:

Ward Card System PDF - Free Download - The Ward Card System (WCS) Explained in detail. Included a sample combat round.Revised 04/08/2016

WCSexamplecombat 04-05-2016 PDF - The WCS combat round sample with rule explanation for each action.


Eratta (Rule Clarification) and Optional Rules PDF - Free Download - This also includes a Questions and Answers section based on comments and feedback from play testers, convention players, and post on the 77 Worlds forums.
Revised 04/08/2016



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