March 19, 2024

I was sad to hear my friend, James M. Ward, passed beyond yesterday. Jim was a very upbeat kind of guy and a good man. He will be missed. Fairwell my friend. It was a true pleasure developing games together over the years, running games at the conventions, and engaging in fun discussions of the early days I am happy we met at Gary Gygax's home during his gaming Thursdays so many years ago.

In memory of James M. Ward, We made all his games a Free PDF download this past week. The free download week has ended. We have seen over 870 downloads this week and I hope as many games will be played over the weekend and through the next few months. Enjoy the content, the remaining projects Jim had completed or contributed to will be published over the next 8 months.

Stephen A. Lee


Welcome to the Apocalyptic Future

77 Worlds is an Alien Apocalypse Campaign Setting and Science Fiction RPG
Designed by James M Ward with Stephen A Lee™


  • The Lunar Resort Volume II is now available in the store as a Book or PDF
  • Whats next for the 77 Worlds RPG? Apocalyptic Mars!
  • All phase 1 shipments for the Blasted Earth kickstarter have been shipped. 80% of the backers have all of their rewards, Phase 2 will ship in a few weeks and complete 98% of backer reward delivery. Newsletters and other free PDFs like Apocalyptic Weather will be posted throughout 2019 as PDFs for all backers; so check back from time to time.
  • Multiverse posted a review of our 2014 Basic Boxed Set for The Lost 77 Worlds RPG. Take a look. 


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Earth Prime is the ultimate apocalyptic planet with mutants and strange new civilizations. The ruins of ancient cities lay quiet and deadly. That which survives on the planet avoids the ancient ruins for fear of artificial human and alien entities. Today the planet has exotic mutants both fauna and flora as a result of ancient bio-genetic weapons, plagues, and alien biological life designed to xenoform the planet.

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Before the Apocalypse, Luna was a tourist area. An exotic resort destination for people from all the colony worlds. Three huge domes were vacationing spots for people wanting to enjoy the cultures of Ancient Egypt, King Arthur’s Camelot, and Chicago of the Roaring Twenties with several others nearing completion.

300 years later, characters begin their adventures on the moon.

On Luna, the old base was laid waste. However, the resort and most other installations were left mostly intact and the A.I.'s who maintain the facilities along with the guests and a few “new” life forms survive. The vacationers in the various theme park domes continue to live and thrive in the environments. As the vacations were total immersive experiences, little knowledge was passed down through the generations so most remain oblivious to the outside world and the nature of reality beyond the domes.

But some are becoming aware.... 

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Core Books

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AS1 Core book is designed as an introduction to the Apocalyptic Space: the Lost 77 Worlds roleplaying game. It teaches you how to generate and develop a character, steps you through combat, and how to use the Ward Card System.  Includes creatures and aliens from the Lunar Resort.

AS3 Earth Prime "The Blasted Earth" contains an expanded ruleset which addresses mutations, playing mutant creatures, and other guidelines to help run a game on the Blasted Earth. The expanded rules are twice the size of the basic rulebook with some overlap.

AS3 details encounters and the campaign setting of the Blasted Earth. You can find 30 more encounters for your use in the "Doom of the blasted earth" adventure which is designed to transition characters from Luna to the Earth.

AS2 The Lunar Resort adventure book. This is only needed if your running adventures in the Lunar Resort. It is included in the basic boxed set and is sold separately. This book contains quest, major personalities, and encounters.

The Encounter Encyclopedia contains over 300 hundred encounters, monsters, aliens, mutants, androids, robotic constructs, etc. for use on Luna, the Blasted Earth, Apocalyptic Mars, or theforthcoming Jupiter Ship Yards (JSY).

 Coming Soon ACW01 - Apocalyptic Mars details the colonies on the red planet, its space station, and the factions who still exist there 300 years after the Alien attack. ACW01 introduces cyborg character types and expands robotic character types. This is the first gazetteer style book in our Apocalyptic Colony Worlds series.


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The back story for this campaign is complex and rich.

Three hundred years ago to this very day, the human galactic empire encompassed 77 thriving worlds plus many small outposts scattered across the human part of the galaxy. The 77 Worlds supported each other and helped all humans expand into the galaxy. All of the sciences were being advanced through the use of memory chips that gave mankind instant experience with the sciences. One of three chips was inserted into the skull and a special brain device accessed that information. Years of study could be absorbed in a 24 hour period.

Up until this time there had been few discoveries of alien life in the Milky Way. However, aliens had been observing mankind and its quick spread to many worlds and the scientific advances of humanity.This alarmed several powerful alien races so much they built huge armadas. These awesomely powerful military forces went to all of the 77 solar systems and the star lanes between those systems and attacked and attempted to destroy all of mankind on the same day.

Wave after wave of alien warships dashed themselves against the powerful defenses of humanity’s inner systems. The first, second, and even third waves of massive starships were crushed before they could enter orbit around the 77 Worlds. This heroic defense was waged by fleets of S-ships: massive war machines designed and built by humans around independent, artificial intelligences. The S-ships were fully automated to operate without human crews.

The S-ships fought a brilliant campaign, but the aliens’ resources seemed limitless. Finally, with machine precision, the linked plasma brains of the S-ships computed that they would be overwhelmed and lose everything if they continued defending all 77 Worlds. With dwindling resources against unending waves of attackers, they could save only one world: Earth Prime itself.  All at once, 76 different S-ships in various states of damage came to the Earth Prime system and found the three already damaged alien armadas destroying the Earth. The S-ships attacked and turned every alien warship in those armadas to wrecks crashing down on Earth.

What those S-Ships found was a solar system in ruin. The alien ships had gone from the outside of the solar system to the inside taking the time to blast away the settlements and factories of man. Those same aliens had seeded the planets of man with a tailor made alien DNA. This was to serve to kill off any exposed portions of humanity. The defenses of Earth’s system were strong and did great damage to the armadas of the aliens, but they weren’t enough to completely stop those war forces. Remains of the three alien armadas were in the act of blasting the Earth into three sections when the colony S-Ships flew in and attacked. The aliens were blasted out of the skies of Earth. However, the Earth was in ruins with no intact buildings. The very crust of the planet had been rocked. Huge strips of volcanoes circled the Earth and spewed forth lava and volcanic soot.

After their victory over the alien forces, the remaining S-ships parked above Earth waiting new orders. There were no Earth officials to give those orders. Their commanding A.I.s noted that the Moon was still safe and mostly intact. More humans survived there than in any other single place they knew of. Believing that more alien ships would arrive eventually, many S-ships (that were still able) withdrew to a construction facility hidden in the rings of Jupiter to repair and rearm themselves. They intended to be ready, if and when the aliens returned to finish the annihilation of humankind.


At this time, the fate of the 77 Worlds was unknown. Nothing was known of the alien attackers. They’d never been encountered before. Much of Sol system was destroyed or damaged beyond immediate repair during the battle. To this day the remnants of installations and hulks of ships from every fleet remain adrift within Sol System. A few A.I.s on installations within Sol System have restored, after several decades, some of their functionality. Today, many of these installations await a human decision. On Luna, the old base was laid waste. However, the resort and most other installations were left mostly intact and those who maintain the facilities along with the guests and a few “new” life forms survive.

315 years have gone by.

Mankind started exploring the Blasted Earth. They discovered the S-ships in orbit on the other side of the Earth. Eventually, they discovered that the Jupiter space-yards were still producing S-ships to defend the solar system from the alien fleets that came every 20 years.

The next step for mankind was to explore the home worlds of the S-ships that came back to defend the Earth. What happened to those other 76 worlds is a complete mystery. Then there are all of the alien races that used their resources to build huge armadas to attack humanity. Some type of justice must be sought for those attacks.

Eventually, S-ships filled with colonists will again settle on these worlds after they have been reclaimed by the player characters.


Draw a card!


At the time of the attack, the Earth’s moon, over the centuries, had turned into the ultimate tourist center. There were three domes and tourists could come and enjoy themselves in the luxurious accommodations of ancient Egypt, King Arthur’s Camelot, and the roaring ‘20s of Chicago’s gangland. There were 40,000 humans in each of the domes when the aliens attacked. Three small shuttles with alien troops came to the domes to capture the last of humanity to be studied by the alien races. The nano-bot safety features of the domes stripped the aliens of their equipment. They were each driven to a bleak section of each dome and allowed to live and breed by the confused artificial intelligences controlling the domes. The spaceport was thought destroyed by the aliens. It was actually able to rebuild itself using the alien shuttles for resources, but it took 300 years.

the Moon had been a vacation colony where humans played with their own past in automated, self-sufficient, gravitycontrolled domes. Among the historical epochs, humans could explore, there was one dome dedicated to ancient Egypt, another for King Arthur’s Camelot, and a third made to resemble Chicago during the Roaring Twenties. As part of the experience, computer chips slotted into the vacationers’ brains (common, inexpensive technology in the 25th Century) temporarily altered their own memories so the enclosed, artificial world would seem utterly real. When the vacation ended, their true memories and modern knowledge were again unblocked, but while the trip lasted, their surroundings would have ultimate believability.

When it became clear that Luna would be invaded, the artificial intelligences controlling the Moon bases reprogrammed the chips implanted in the minds of everyone currently on the Moon. They already believed that their surroundings were real and that they belonged in these historical or mythological times, thanks to the computer chips. The managing A.I.’s changed that programming subtly so instead of being primarily focused on enjoying themselves, the people in the domes were instilled with a will to live and fight according to the cultures where they found themselves. Harmless weapons were transformed through nanotechnology into the real things, or something even better than the real things. Disintegrating bullets in gangsters’ Tommy guns became jacketed slugs. The dull, lightweight swords and lances of King Arthur’s knights became tempered molecularly-sharp steel. The android clerics of Egypt’s five gods were given beam weapons.

As the aliens entered each dome, there was massive death and destruction. During the first 24 hours, the domes’ nanotechnology defenses attacked the aliens’ technology and left them with dust for weapons. (This defense was designed to prevent vacationers from bringing dangerous weapons into the domes, but it worked against the aliens just as well.) On the second day, the army of the Pharaoh, the Knights of the Round Table, and the organized criminal gangs of Chicago
counterattacked. The aliens survived - barely - and adjusted, quickly becoming an acknowledged force in each dome, but without their superior technology, they could neither conquer nor dominate.

315 years passed . . .


More details on the worlds will be provided in further products for Apocalyptic Space. Each world is an area that needs to be explored and rebuilt for mankind.  

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By James M. Ward

Why play on the Blasted Earth?

 When I wrote the first science fiction role-playing game in Metamorphosis Alpha in the early ‘70s and the first apocalypse role-playing game in Gamma World later in the ‘70s the art of role-playing design was in its infancy at that time. In this day and age experienced consumers expect a great deal more in their games and I believe the Blasted Earth of the Lost 77 Worlds fits that desire handily.

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By Stephen A. Lee

A Basic Rundown

There have been some questions about the various books. I am in the process of producing a new PDF and hopefully video to walk through this. For now, let me lay this out here...

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 Lunar Resort Character Sheets 2016 PDF - Free Download

This is a Blank character sheets template for 77 Worlds RPG. Revised 04/08/2016

Pre-Generated Characters 2016 PDF - Free Download

We created one of each Character Types in 77 Worlds RPG so you can let your players pick one and jump right into a game. Each of these are of the first Rank but they have already completed 1 quest for have gained additional health (HP). Revised 04/08/2016

Character Sheet Template MSOffice (doc) - Free Download

For those still using Microsoft Word - a Blank Character Sheet template for 77 Worlds RPG. Revised 04/08/2016

Character Sheet Template OpenOffice/Libre (ODT) - Free Download

Open Office / Libre Blank Character Template for 77 Worlds RPG. Revised 04/08/2016

Ward Card System PDF - Free Download

The Ward Card System (WCS) Explained in detail. Included a sample combat round.Revised 04/08/2016

Eratta (Rule Clarification) and Optional Rules PDF - Free Download

This also includes a Questions and Answers section based on comments and feedback from play testers, convention players, and post on the 77 Worlds forums. Revised 04/08/2016




 This month's Featured Encounter comes from The Ruins of Mexico City BEAS2017 Series


Caza Kero

A A J♠ 9♠           


Rank:  3   
Hit Points:  60      
Attack:  Kero’s Glaive 10/10
Defense:  20

NPC - Android

Silhouette:  A tall, angular figure with a shock of blue hair. Patches of dull metal show through where her faux skin has been chipped away. Her left eye is gone, leaving a round red crystal in its place. She has a suit of armor fashioned out of scrap and metal plating scavenged from android bodies.
Attitude:  Caza Kero is the last surviving gladiator android built for Eolica’s entertainment. She has overcome the programming that dictates she kill to entertain, but she has a strong sense of paranoia from being constantly on the defensive. Prizing freedom above all else, she would rather destroy herself than be captured and enslaved again.  
Special:  If she has less than ten hits, on her turn she will set off the bomb in her chest. Draw three cards and add up the value of any ♦, ♠, and ♠ to determine damage. Draw an extra card to damage characters soaked in oil as their clothing catches fire.

Background: Caza Kero was created by the android Eolica. She was a group of gladiator androids who were sent into the city to hunt and destroy one another. Caza Kero was the only surviving android.

Entity: Construct    Species: Android        Type: Robotic

Location: Earth Prime - Mexico City

The Ruins Of DC


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